Business Developer : Grow Through A Swiss Army Knife, Not A Salesman 🚀

The Business Developer’s job is to diversify the company.

It creates traction in markets where the company is not yet present.

Closely linked to the company’s innovation, the Business Developer intervenes on strategic projects with high added value.

His missions, which he strives to take up with method:

  • Develop a new business model: or diversify activities.
  • Build a new offer: or create new sources of income.
  • Integrate a new geographical sector: or internationalize the offer.

The place of the Business Developer is very close to the managers to assimilate the vision of the company.

He will thus understand the stakes and strategic choices and move in the same direction.

To do that, the BizDev must be agile by combining the skills of different professions!

  • Design: understanding a need by listening to users’ problems.
  • Marketing: communicating in the right place, at the right time with the right message. And that goes a lot through the #digital.
  • Sales: attracting business opportunities with prospects and partners; mastering the entire sales cycle and defining the most efficient channels.
  • Public Relations: talking about your company in the ecosystem so that it is recognized for its unique expertise.

The Business Developer must therefore be able to work in different areas without being an expert in them. He or she is therefore condemned to lifelong learning.

He will be alone or part of a small team. His or her immediate environment must allow this emulation; he or she must be able to rely on internal or external experts to assimilate the methods.

He will then have various missions that differ according to the phase of his project.

  • Identification
  • Growth
  • Management

The Business Developer’s missions are very rich in material for the managers because his transversal vision carries the level of analysis and projection between the operational and the strategy.

Discussing his reports and his vision can be inspiring to better understand the uses and the place of the company.

  • Firstly, he must be Agile
  • But also Technology lover
  • Finally, a leader

My vision I built it from my past and present experience.

I share vision and learn every day from my surounding. I have encountered successes and failures and the most important thing is to understand them. I thrive in this role and I wish to share.



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Quentin Chassine

Quentin Chassine

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